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After being given a video camera, Olisarali Olibui used it to film events affecting his community and showed the footage to his community and outsiders as a means of passing on information and understanding.


He quickly realised the power of film in spreading messages and understanding and had the idea of making a film about his community from his and his brother Milisha’s perspective. His aim was to help outsiders understand Mursi way of life and Mursi views on life.


He approached a UK DFID project working on pastoralist knowledge and understanding in Ethiopia, Democracy Growth and Peace for Pastoralists (DGPP) and asked for support to make the film. DGPP agreed to fund the film and introduced him to Peter Moszynski, a journalist working in East Africa who took the idea forward and found the film-maker Ben Young.


There was a test screening at the Addis International Film Festival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March 2009. See review at:


Winner Special UNESCO Award - Millenium Film Festival, Brussels 2011


Winner Best Documentary - National Geographic All Roads Film Festival 2010.


Honourable Mention for Olisarali Olibui - Jean Rouch Film Festival, Paris 2010.


Official Selection - Mountainfilm at Telluride 2010.


Official Selection - Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York 2010.


Official selection - Goettingen Film Festival, Germany 2010.


Official Selection - Vancouver International Film Festival.


The film was also chosen for a special screening at The European Parliament with a Q&A afterwards.

The event aimed to promote awareness of the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

Film History

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